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Alternate BD address... it works

I don't know how many of you are aware that and http://forum.barrowdowns.com are exactly the same.

Right now, the regular 'downs is not working but I just realised that if you access it via it works. A miracle! :D And it seems I'm the only 'downer who has realised this. So here, my darlings, share this arcane knowledge and go to flood-post. ;)

'Downs Reputation Giving Problem

 No, no scandelous and juicy gossip do I have this time (what do you think of me? getting caught up in such internet nonesense, besides when was the last time something huge and horrible happened? thank the gods... :-P).

Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem with giving reputation points as I have had. I've changed my internet settings, etc, so I could, but it just tells me 'done, but with errors on page'. In short, no familiar little box pops up anywhere on screen.

I feel like a prude not being able to thank others and it bothers me. Plus, I don't think sending PM's will help spread rep, besides filling up PM Boxes.  
I've sent a little PM to the Barrow-Wight of course, but I am not quite sure I sent it to the right box, so to speak. 

I think it might be a problem of my own computer's doing, but I was just curious if anyone had any advice/tips/hard won knowledge concerning the problem.

Also, wished to thank all of those who have sent me rep within the past few months. Sorry I haven't been able to send any back, due to thus problem. 

Keep well and Thank you for any help! 
Na schledanou,


Check this out!

Dear friends, fellow Downers, Wolves, Seers and Ordos, fangirls and fanboys! I would like to present something interesting, something some of you already know of: Our friend Sleepy Ranger's forum. Don't fear, it won't take over the Downs, nothing will, but it sure will have good potential otherwise, especially if you give us the honor and join it.
Why am advertising it? For the simple reason that I don't like good forums to fade away, and, of course, because there is a promissing RPG starting. So far there are 9 players, of which you know several already. The RPG takes place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in 1993. Being based on the real world, it is very different from our BD RPGs, but in no way worse. Join, my friends!

Who Are You? Who? Who?

In lieu of an actual poll on the Downs, cause I can't make them, I've made one here!

Are you into Doctor Who???

Poll #1017868 Doctor Who & The Downs

Are you a Whovian?

Yeah, where's the Tardis?
I don't know what you're talking about...
No. Get off my land before I shoot you!
Delete! Delete! Delete!


When people come on threads and post pointless arguments along the lines of "actually I think you'll find X is spelled as Y" and so forth, does it do your head in? You know, the ones who just seem to want to win an argument over the most petty of points? I think people do this because they don't really want to discuss things or argue the point of the thread but just to somehow 'prove' they have a more back-to-front knowledge of HoME than anyone else. And they tend to go after anyone who's been there for a while - they've gone after davem and me, and now Fordim's getting it. Anyone else had it?

I actually had to put one Downer on 'ignore' for a while as not only were they pointlessly following every little thing I wrote just to counter everything I wrote with that old chestnut "it's objective/subjective...blah blah...quote massive chunks from my high school ethics textbook on the mechanics of debate...blah blah..." but when I chose to ignore them I was getting stalked, pestered as to why I had just ignored their posts. You know, you're tempted to say 'because you are talking pointless shite' but you can't...

It's like some little coven of anally retentive semi-autistic computer programmers who have no life but to sit in front of their computer in their underpants eating microwaved pizza and rearranging their Star Wars novels so they are precisely 3.5 mm from the edge of the shelf has infested the Downs.

Tell me I'm not the only one who wants to give them a smack?

I'm fed up with trolls!

New German Group!

Hello there Downers,

I've created a new community, The Barrow Downs Germany Society (or germandowns) for BDers to post in German.

It's open to all Downers with an interest in German, whether you're starting to learn from scratch, know German but have got a bit rusty, speak it well but would like some practice, or are simply a native-speaker with a desire to help others and blog a little in your own tongue. The point of it is to have somewhere to write in German (or in English, regarding German vocabulary or grammar, if you must!), motivating us to continue learning as a group.

The profile link is here: http://community.livejournal.com/germandowns/profile. Please join up!

Remember that one thing...?

Hey all - remember that Generic Fantasy RPG I attempted to get started a little while back? I guess it would be the poor-man's REB, only filled with a lot more angst.


I started a community in preparation (http://community.livejournal.com/barrowdowns_rpg/), and so far only Volo expressed any real interest in joining. Has that changed?

I have so far -

Talan (protagonist) - Me
Paranoid King Ercel (Of Heavenly Justice) - Volo
Bolero, swashbuckling lord of the major trading port - theelf_warrior

Who *are* you people? =P

I see a lot of members of this group whom I don't recognize! There was a post several months back asking who you are but not everyone replied there. Would anyone who has not already done so like to reveal him/herself?

~ Encai :)

ME Idol/ apology/ blather

So I last posted here... 58 days ago?

Its been weighing heavy on me lately- for reasons unknown- that no one heard the final results of the Middle Earth Idol thread. The reason for this is partly mine (which is obvious).

So about half a YEAR ago (it feels... and... probably is) I took up the tallies and was told to wait for some grand speech which was to be made about all of the contestants. There was a break down in communication and somewhere in all of that it died. This, I know, is not fair to all of those Downer's who participated, and I want to let every one of you know that I'm sorry. The winner of the contest was Little Man Poet by one last minute vote.

Everyone worked so hard on that freaking thread, and what happened is no where near what they deserved, and neither is saying this so many months ex post facto, but its all I really can do without digging the thread out of the ashes and letting it drift back down into obscurity.

Thats all for now... but hopefully not all for another 58 days.

It is there and it isn't

The 'downs is very unstable for me nowadays. This week, it has been down many times, very slow many times, but normal most of the time. It's never down for a long time, but it keeps having these problems...
It's quite annoying, I hope it won't be the same tomorrowwhen there's Day in ww...

Am I the only one with this problem?

Why could this be?