Welcome to WW LX

Hello everybody!

My yet untitled ww game, WW LX, will begin soon. It is the ideal game to refresh/gain ww skills or just relax and have fun, as it will have BASIC ROLES AND NO TWISTS.

The theme is how some mighty kings and sorcerors of east and south became ringwraiths... so lots of interesting stuff in that regard. ;)

Right now the participant list looks like this:

Kent2010 - Black Númenórean scam artist
Legate of Amon Lanc - rebelling Haradian King
Nogrod - Corsair Captain "The Cat O' Nine tails of Ethir Anduin"
Shastanis Althreduin - King of the Sea
wilwarin538 - sorceress
Nerwen - Queen of the Sea
Nilpaurion Felagund - fussy courtier
Nilp's mystery colleague
Rune Son of Bjarne
Eomer of the Rohirrim
Groin Redbeard - Variag Warlord of Khand

satansaloser2005 ?
Mirandir ?

Sign up! And sign up quick, as the list is already quite long so the game may start soonish... :)

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cute but strange

This was my afternoon.

Well, I tried a fancy table, but it didn't work out.

Here are some LJ icons based on the little-known cult classic "Phantom and Alien" webcomic put out by our very own the Goomba, Hookbill.

One of them might be a little squicky. :D

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


*Seal Clubbing is not actually condoned by the owner of this journal. Save the seals, save the jokes.

Bleh, they're harder to read than I thought. It's Joel's fault.

A new RPG

Feeling like trying another RPG after a while? Or perhaps, never tried but always itched to do so?

Now is the perfect chance, for what could be a more fascinating topic than the last days of Balin's colony in Moria?

Ever wanted to know what happened to them, how they lived and died? Now you can partake in defining that.

There will be drama, despair, death and Dwarves.

Thinlómien and Groin Redbeard invite you to

Tears of Mirrormere RPG

Tears of Mirrormere discussion thread (will open on November 11th)

Don't miss it! ;)

"But still the sunken stars appear in dark and windless Mirrormere; there lies his crown in water deep, till Durin wakes again from sleep."

"We cannot get out. The end comes. Drums, drums in the deep. They are coming."

/end advertising speech :P

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Europeans of the Downs unite!

It's only been a few weeks since the last pan-European event.  The Eurovision Song Contest is a European one-night stand - a slightly embarassing obsession to which we hesitantly admit.  Now the next European event has begun, one of much greater magnitude, and this one is a lifelong love affair - football!  The European championship is at stake, and here in Germany, flags are on display everywhere.

The German team won its first game this evening, and what's more important, they played a great match!  Hopes were already high before the tournament began, and I'm sure they will continue to grow if the team continues to perform this well.

So how do you watch the games?  Public viewing or private?  All the games you possibly can, or just those of your country's team?  What, your country isn't even in the tournament?  Are you watching what the rest of the continent is doing, or have you lost all interest?
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Eurovision Song Contest

I'm watching the pre-show right now, looking forward (not sure that's the right word for my apprehensive expectation) to the biggest music show in the world.  I watch it to get upset about the lousy music - but wouldn't miss it.  Lack of quality can be very entertaining!

Hearing the German entry earlier, I remembered why I hate it - it has an extremely repetitive melody, the same four notes over and over again.  It must be the most boring song I have heard in the past years.  Short skirts and wind machines do not make up for poor music and lack of talent!  The song and singer that took second place in the German contest was repeated just a few minutes ago, and both the song and the singer were excellent.  I voted for her, but even the fact that she came in a very close second doesn't reconcile me with the level of public approval.  Quality no longer pays - if it ever did.  Well yes, there was Johnny Logan, Abba, and some others that were worthy winners, but there were also numerous contributions that were awful.

So, who will win?
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BD BD Party!

Today is the Barrow-Downs forum's eighth birthday!  Please join the party on the Novices and Newcomers forum or at least leave a brief congratulatory message for the Barrow-Wight.  Thank you!

(If you can't look in today, it's no problem - the party thread will be open at least a week, so pop in whenever you have time.)
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This week's Downer Newspaper

While the Barrow Downs is still having a paddy...

For those of you who like this sort of thing...

Thanks to the phantom for the second story and the mini headlines...

This week, Alien finds some magic!

News on the Barrow Birthday thing...

I've given Matt the story board for another cartoon about the Phantom and Alien and he says it will be relatively easy to put together. I'm going to get the voice of Alien done before I got to hospital and hope that Matt puts it all together while I'm under the knife. Since the Barrow Birthday is on the Thursday when I may be 'recovering' or whatever, the cartoon may not be posted until the Friday, so I hope you peoples are okay with that. I'm hoping they let me 'recover' at home. If that is the case, then posting it won't be a problem. :D

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded?

Anyone else finding themselves being throttled in the face when they attempt to access The Barrow Downs?
By which I mean; is the message "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" appearing every time you try and go to either barrowdowns.com or even forum.barrowdowns.com?

Has the world gone mad? Has The Barrow Wight Himself been thrown into the void? Will The Downer get posted tomorrow? Where is the nearest tea shop? These questions and more must be answered before the day is done. If they are not, there will be blood! D:
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