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A new RPG

Feeling like trying another RPG after a while? Or perhaps, never tried but always itched to do so?

Now is the perfect chance, for what could be a more fascinating topic than the last days of Balin's colony in Moria?

Ever wanted to know what happened to them, how they lived and died? Now you can partake in defining that.

There will be drama, despair, death and Dwarves.

Thinlómien and Groin Redbeard invite you to

Tears of Mirrormere RPG

Tears of Mirrormere discussion thread (will open on November 11th)

Don't miss it! ;)

"But still the sunken stars appear in dark and windless Mirrormere; there lies his crown in water deep, till Durin wakes again from sleep."

"We cannot get out. The end comes. Drums, drums in the deep. They are coming."

/end advertising speech :P